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From classic round-cut solitaires to intricate pave settings, we make selling engagement rings easy, stress-free and rewarding. Our appraisers are specialists in engagement ring valuation and are prepared to offer you the best price anywhere.

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How much is my engagement ring worth?

The value of an engagement ring is affected by the piece’s age, rarity, condition and popularity. In addition, an engagement ring can increase in value if paired with a matching wedding ring as part of a bridal set.

If your engagement ring has a diamond, then the value of your ring will be affected by the 4C’s of diamond grading:

  1. Carat: The carat of a diamond is its weight. The value of a diamond increases as carat goes up… the heavier the diamond, the better!
  2. Clarity: Most diamonds have tiny imperfections, called “inclusions,” which affect the clarity of the diamond and its value.
  3. Color: Many diamonds naturally take on color, while other diamonds appear to be colorless and perfectly clear.
  4. Cut: Diamonds are cut into their jewel shape, so the “cut” of the diamond is the shape of the diamond and the number of edges.

To make sure your ring keeps its value, keep your ring in a lined jewelry box to prevent damage. Blemishes like scratches or scuffs can lead to a reduced value, especially on a diamond.

Also, keeping your box and documentation from your purchase will enhance the value of your engagement ring. If your diamond has Gemological Institute of America (GIA) paperwork or has been professionally appraised, this documentation will help you get the most value for your engagement ring.

How do you calculate my offer?

Once your jewelry arrives at our secure facility, our team of experts will carefully appraise your items based on:

  • Recent purchase prices for similar items
  • The quality of your stones based on the 4C's
  • The amount of precious metals in your jewelry

With a national network of diamond and jewelry buyers, GIA-trained appraisers, and state-of-the-art technology, no other jewelry buyer can match the value we provide.